Best Restaurants to Take Kids in NoVa

I’m the first to admit I spend a lot of time creeping in the Northern Virginia Foodies Facebook group. (I once admitted I don’t like cheese and I would not recommend you do the same. Now I mostly lurk in the shadows. Where I probably belong because I don’t like cheese.) But I recently asked, “Tell me your favorite places to eat *with kids* and why.” And I’m here today to share some of the best restaurants to take kids in NoVa with you! Hopefully you’ll find a few new favorites on this list. If you go and check any out, I would love it if you’d come back and tell me about it!

Disclaimer: I have not been to many of these places, but am excited to have new places to try with my kids! I also didn’t include any big chains and tried to focus on the many awesome locally-owned places we have. 

Personally, some of our favorites to eat are: Noku (my kids are fairly eclectic eaters, and there’s something for everyone here no matter if they’re feeling chicken teriyaki, ramen, or rice/tofu with miso soup. Noku has been a weekly staple for us for 8 years!); Passion Fin (HUGE kids menu and the friendly staff always bring crayons and stickers); Puccio’s (when we’re feeling sandwiches), Blue Ridge Grill (great kids menu and something for everybody), Fireworks (when we want pizza and to sit outside), Solo Pizza (when we’re missing NY – yeah, it’s that good), Buffalo Wing Factory (great menu, fresh huge salads and the best wings in the area!) and Delirium (my kids love the chicken & waffles and that amazing outside seating area! Let’s not forget the beer.) and Melt is our favorite when we all agree on burgers (they don’t accept tips, but you’re welcome to leave a small donation for the local animal shelter 💖).

A list of some of the best restaurants to take kids in NoVa, recommended by the Northern Virginia Foodies Facebook group!

Enjoying Melt with my oldest! Proof that even pro photographers selfie because I just don’t bring my gear to watch my children eat. 😂

Here is what other foodies had to say about the best restaurants to take kids in NoVa:

Copperwood Tavern for brunch – my kiddo loooves that popcorn & they treat us well.” – Lisa D.

“We’re frequent visitors to local Mexican restaurants but Ted’s Bulletin is also a favorite. I can get a craft cocktail, my husband can get a fancy pop tart and our 5 year old can get a pancake with a smiley face on it all under one roof. Everyone wins.” – Angela B.

Open Road, good kids menu and they give you popcorn to start, good beer menu and food too (you can sub their bacon brussel sprouts for fries, they’re not any healthier but so amazing)” – Heidi S.

The Breeze or Jimmys in Herndon, super family friendly, locally owned, spacious, kid menus” – Jill S.

Paradiso in Franconia. They have a movie room for kids. Game changer.” – Sari L.

Honey Pig! My preschoolers love that it’s interactive. They can be loud. They love bulgogi, rice, and the steamed egg (sometimes some of the non-spicy bin chin too).” – Mary Ann M.

“We love Eleni’s Greek Taverna. Laid back dining, great menu options.” – Chelley S.

Palette 22 in Shirlington, especially for brunch, build your own waffles and tacos plus tons of small plates. They have a Bloody Mary bar and great mimosas too!” – Anna L.

Bartaco. My kids go crazy for the cafeteria trays of kid-friendly meals that include fruits, veggies, quesadilla and tacos. The food is very good, we can grab a drink and I leave feeling relaxed. Bonus? They give out an entire coloring book for each kid. All around win.

Dogwood Tavern is a big brunch favorite. EPL games on tv, lots of space for the kids to move and the food is darn good.

The Block. They love Balo’s Kitchen for some favorites like fried rice and teriyaki dishes. Munch is a solid dessert choice for kiddos. We love the options to be more adventurous.

Oesteria Marzano. We love everything (seriously, mussels in a ginger cream sauce?!?) and the kids dive into a Caesar salad and spaghetti and meatballs.

Curry Mantra. The kids eat all the butter chicken and we can up the spice factor on other dishes.” – Alison S.

“My 9 year old daughter’s favorite restaurant choices would be Sō Korean BBQ, Cooper Hawk, Peking Gourmet Inn and Kumo Sushi. We love the food at all these spots too and always enjoy ours meals bc it’s always consistent. Here’s why she likes these places:

Sō Korean BBQ– she loves that she can enjoy different cuts of meat from their beef and pork tasting menu. Plus, there’s lots of sides with it and the special dessert drink at the end.

Peking Gourmet Inn– she enjoys watching them slice the duck and making her own rolls. She thinks it’s fun

Cooper Hawk– she loves the salmon and mashed potato option in the kids meal. And I’m convinced she requests this place bc she gets the chocolate dipped tuxedo strawberry with the kids meal.

Kumo Sushi– she always orders the salmon and chicken teriyaki bento box bc she likes both proteins and other options in the bento box.” – Rathna K.

Vienna Inn – something for everyone and affordable.” – Withers H.

Fords Fish Shack. Kids love the muffins (served quickly to keep the kiddos entertained) and for $6, they get top quality fried cod with a side of applesauce. For me, love their food and service.

French Hound. Quieter place, but my kids aren’t out of place when they talk or are excited for their pizza. Excellent food quality for both the kids and the adults.” – Kimberly B.

“Our favorites are Sweetwater Tavern and Pazzo Pomodoro. Both have great food for kids and adults, and professional, friendly service.” – Erin T.


Do you have any favorites not on this list? Tell me in the comments!

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