Labor Day

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day! We had good friends in town and spent our afternoon at one of my favorite wineries, Village – I may have mentioned them before 😉

No wine shots today. Sorry. We were inside talking to Kent (owner/winemaker) and before I knew it my glass was finished! Funny how that happens.

Anyway, I don’t know Kent’s cat’s name. All I know is he (she?) is super friendly and loves to have his picture taken.

We have known Danny and Regan since college. Liam, their oldest son, will be 3 at the end of the month. He and Izzy are in love.

The view:

 Of course, the goats came over to say hi.

 Blossom, who eluded my camera on our last visit, also joined in on the fun.

 …and back to the cat.

How did you spend Labor Day this year?

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